Our History

New Vision Christian
Ministries International

New Vision Christian Ministries International (NVCMI) is a diverse, multi-cultural, non-denominational body of people uniting together from various socio-economic levels and walks of life. NVCMI was founded October 2002 by co-Pastors Curtis Maloy and Darren D. Thomas. It was after serving in the Kingdom in multiple capacities collectively for more than forty years that God called them into the office of Pastor. Having a love for God and God's people and with a spirit of obedience, they willingly submitted to the call on their lives.

Both Pastors had served diligently under the leadership of the late Pastor Carol Riggins of Oceanside Gospel Lighthouse (OGL) and served well. They found no task too menial, insignificant, or beneath them to perform or fulfill. During their time at OGL they operated in every area of ministry, as well as Associate Ministers that were active in San Diego North County communities.

As God called them to birth this ministry, the goal of NVCMI was to reach out to the surrounding communities and help people who were less fortunate. By empowering them to become self-sufficient, self-supporting, self-motivating, self-reliant and independent, the chains of poverty and addiction were broken. In the process of building the community, they would teach and preach the Word of God, and train people to live according to Biblical principles, by which individuals would became examples of God's love here on earth. They also felt it was important to assist the youth of the community by helping elementary and high school students achieve their academic endeavors as well as their long range goals.

The original group of fifteen held its first meeting in a clubhouse at a mobile home park. As the ministry grew they began meeting at Vista Entertainment Center. This place of worship was a bowling alley by day and a club by night. But, every Sunday the 2nd story dance club was converted into a sanctuary. The members cleaned the facilities from the previous night's activities. They carried chairs, speakers, sound boards, instruments and other equipment to setup before, and broke them down at the end of each service. Before each service the place was consecrated unto the Lord. When the elevator was broken, the members hauled the equipment up and down the stairs, in their Sunday best! Good chairs were limited, so the Pastors sat in the torn ones, giving the better chairs to guests and members. The Spirit of the Lord moved within the walls of the Vista Entertainment Center and lives were changed, renewed, restored and transformed! Souls were delivered. Because of the presence of the Lord and the obedience of the men of God, the members were blessed going in and blessed coming out.

While holding services at the bowling alley, NVCMI started its quest of reaching out to people across the world, as well as the immediate area. Not only did NVCMI support global missions, but also hosted a family in Africa and ensured the Bible was translated and taught in the people's dialect. Homeless and needy families were given places to stay, as well as food to eat at the expense of New Vision ministries. Drug addicted individuals were given the opportunity to start a journey of recovery and were placed in rehabilitation centers and again New Vision covered the cost. At-risk youth who had the desire to play on a sports team sought New Vision to purchase their uniforms and pay the registration fees. New Vision became a resource to communities, providing funds for daycare and educational scholarships.

After approximately three years at Vista Entertainment Center, New Vision relocated to 2117 Industrial Court where the ministry resided for 10yrs. Pastor Maloy was called home to be with the Lord in October 2007. His vision continues as the ministry is constantly growing. Community outreach is still a vital part of this ministry. Since the birth of NVCMI, the members have either participated in and or organized numerous community events and activities. New Vision is a body ministry and we believe that every joint supplies. We need one another and we are united to win!

We have partnered with organizations such as, Save our Streets (SOS), Firm Believers In Jesus Christ (FBI), City of Vista National Day of Prayer, Interfaith and many other community agencies. We have expanded our outreach program and service to the communities to include Adopt-A-Block, Curtis Maloy Memorial Scholarship, Feeding the 5000, a monthly outreach to identify and provide spiritual growth to communities (Sold Out 4Souls), sponsor Mission trips to Mexico and Africa, host Financial Peace University, tutoring programs, Back-to-School Bashes, Cook-a-Meal Drives, Blood Drives, Annual New Year Celebration and New You Health Fair. As a Body, we provide shelter, food, clothing and hospital visits to anyone who has a need and is brought to our attention. A van donated to New Vision was donated to a single mother of five children who needed transportation to look for a job and a place to live.

New Vision takes an interest in its members and those in our communities. We firmly believe that the church should be a resource to the community. Collaboratively more can be done when we work with communities together as a team. We are the light of the world and God expects those who say we are His followers to make a difference.

Towards the end of 2014, the body began to pray that the Lord would open up doors to provide us with our “own” facility. As the body began to pray, the previous landlords began to raise the rent. But the “prayer of the righteous avails much” and God began to move on behalf of his people. In February of 2015, God opened up the doors so we could move into our current locale… for “half the rent”!

In 2016 God led Pastor Thomas to install New Vision’s first ever Assistant Pastor in Rev. Jesse C. Ortiz Jr. In addition, he installed a Pastor of Church Operations in Rev. Paris Burnett and licensed 11 new ministerial staff members. Not only did God call Pastor Thomas to grow the staff but to also continue to grow the ministry. With that, New Vision purchased its very own ministry van and bus! Both have the capability to transport those in need of wheel chair assistance. In August 2017 God has turned our attention towards can fulfilling our long range goal which is to purchase land and move into our own debt free building …OUR OWN DEBT FREE CAMPUS!

We have the vision and we believe what the word of God says. We know “for the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it will speak and not lie; though it tarry we'll wait on it, for it's sure to come.” While we are waiting, we will continue advancing the Kingdom of God. “For without faith it is impossible to please God” and “now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Therefore, we declare and we decree the CAMPUS is ours for WE the Kingdom have need of it!