Pastor Darren D. Thomas

Humble, committed, dedicated, honorable, loyal, trustworthy, integral, approachable, accessible, exemplary leader, mentor, confidante, friend, warrior, faith-builder, energetic, purpose driven, visionary, teacher, preacher, and Pastor are only some of the characteristics that describes Darren D. Thomas, the shepherd of New Vision Christian Ministries International. He was born in Patterson, New Jersey and accepted the call of being a Minister in 1980 when he was fourteen years old. For four years he preached with vigor, passion and determination to deliver the word of God unashamed and unaltered at revivals in New York, New Jersey and other states in the Eastern part of the United States to wins souls for the Kingdom. After graduating from high school, Pastor Thomas moved to Oceanside, California and soon became a member of Oceanside Gospel Lighthouse (OGL) under the tutelage of Pastor Carol A. Riggins.

He was ordained through the International Ministerial Association, Licensed by Oceanside Gospel Lighthouse (OGL) and also received ordination through Stewardship Ministries of Orange County. During his 18 years of service at OGL he served in every capacity with enthusiasm and joy. He served as unto the Lord and also understood the principle that in order to be a good leader, you must first be an obedient servant. As a pillar of the church, he worked with the children and youth ministries, was a member of the choir and assistant to the Director, chaired decorating committees, participated and organized events, ministered to the body and much more. Not only did he ministered within the walls of the church, but he ministered to souls on the streets, at the YMCA, in Camp Pendleton Brig, churches throughout California and whenever and wherever God presented him an opportunity to share His word and the gospel of Jesus Christ. He also ministered on his job by showing the love of Christ to all people and set exemplary standard spiritually and physically for others to emulate. Pastor Thomas was and remains well known throughout the San Diego region and abroad because of his commitment to serve the Kingdom of God with excellence.

October 2002 Pastor Thomas, along with Pastor Curtis Maloy, was called to a higher calling and he co-founded New Vision Christian Ministries International. Pastor Thomas knew this was only the beginning for God had given him a vision of what to come. The first service was held at a home in a mobile park with fifteen members attending. By the next week, the desires to attend New Vision Christian Ministries International had grown to the capacity that service was moved to Vista Entertainment Center where they continued to meet for the next few years. Darren D. Thomas established a new presence within the communities as the Pastor of New Vision and began to teach, train and develop all those that the Lord would bring. He collaborated with local hotels to provide the homeless with a place to stay, provided food and clothing to people in need, provided daycare assistance to single parents and low income families, placed people with addictions into rehabilitation facilities, and gave scholarships funds to educational programs. Pastor Thomas worked tirelessly to see the ministry grow all while working his full time job as a Deputy Sheriff in the city of Vista, Ca.

Since this ministry was founded there has been countless accomplishment. To name a few, the Curtis Maloy Memorial Scholarship was founded and named in honor of New Vision co-Pastor who went home to be with the Lord; Feeding the 5000 was established to provide additional support to displace families in the community of Vista; and Mission trips to Mexico, Africa, Brazil and other parts of the world are supported. November 2011, after 21 years of service as a Deputy, Pastor Thomas retired from Vista Sherriff Department. Pastor Thomas received the 2013 Prestige ‘Preacher of the Year’ Award for outstanding and committed service in the San Diego North County Area. He also received the NAACP Blue and Gold ‘Religious Service’ Award for outstanding service to the communities. While employed and, now, as a full time Pastor, he has remained unrelenting, unwavering and faithful to the call that God placed on his life. He is often called upon to be the guest speaker within our region and on the east coast. He was a host for San Diego 2014 Prestige Award Ceremony.

It is common to see him travel great distances in an effort to show his love and support to members that are either, graduating from college, military school or training, or to celebrate with those in other states who receive promotions or simply had to relocate due to work assignments or deployment. Pastor Thomas, faithfully, acts upon his belief that it is important to always support the citizens of the kingdom, especially those who serve under his ministry. He also believes there is nothing that can stop the people of God from reaching their purpose and destiny when we live according to the word of God and exercise our faith. You may hear him quote these words of encouragement, “for with the Lord all things are possible” and he goes on declaring God’s word stating, “For the Vision is yet for an appointed time, at the end it will speak and not lie, and though it tarries we will wait on it for it’s sure to come.”

Pastor Thomas labors tirelessly unto the Lord and when he speaks an apostolic release goes forth into the atmosphere that causes deaf ears to open, sick bodies to become whole, relationships to mend, burdens to be lifted, mind to become regulated and stabilized, lives and ministries to be restored, and deliverance to take place. The “breakers anointing” that he releases sets the captives free and destroys the bond of religious and denominational strongholds. If we practice the word of God that tells us we will know them by the fruit they bear, then, anyone who knows Pastor Darren D. Thomas can say without a doubt, because he allows God to rule supreme in his life, ‘he is a true man-of-God.’ Pastor Thomas produces good fruit.