Ministry In Motion

Ministry in Motion is a free transportation provided by New Vision.  We will provide transportation "to" and "from" out Sunday Services.  Currently we transport via a schedule but our goal is to have transportation ready for all in need weekly for both our Sunday and Thursday services.  This is our Goal!

If you would like to be a driver, support or donate to Ministry in Motion please email us at

How do you sign up?

1. You can click on the QR code to the right

2. Scan the QR code to your right

3. Look for "Ministry in Motion" on our New Vision mobile app

4. Sign up at the bookstore

How does it work?


* Submit Your Request by Sat. 4pm

* Receive your pick-up time by Sat. 7pm

(see transportation schedule below)


     September: 18th

     October: 2nd, 30th

     November: 13th, 27th

     December: 11th, 25th